Learning & Development

Support adapted to the needs of the client


We offer full-service design and development of learning solutions for the life sciences industry, ensuring that all internal activities are accurate and comply with pharmaceutical codes and legislation.

Learning & development

- Training MSL teams & onboarding 

- Critical Reading of a Research study

- Intellectual Property in scientific references

- Deontologic Compliance

- Medical writing: how to write a scientific text

- How to use Pub med

- Define training strategy, customizing learning journeys 

- Uncover needs, consider the content, delivery method, and engagement opportunities

- Design of internal training programs

- Training manuals - from complete modules to small ones, targeted pieces

- Slide decks preparation

- Presentation updates

- Internal certification 


Omnichannel solutions

- Digital platforms

- e detailing material

- Valid Business Reasons 

- Elevator pitch

- HCP face-to-face interactions